NewsMap Lite, NewsMap and NewsMap Plus - Birdnews like never before

NewsMap presents all the news in its geographical perspective with three versions utilising the fantastic mapping of either Google Maps, or in 3D, Google Earth, depending upon the version.

NewsMap Lite
shows basic details of all rarities and scarcities on Google Maps.

is similar to Lite but has more functions plus access to all the news in detail.

NewsMap Plus
(for broadband) uses Google Earth, the 3D interactive Globe, to bring you a wealth of extra features including auto-refresh of the news every 10 minutes and printable driving directions.

For NewsMap Plus you will need to download Google Earth first (instructions below) which requires a PC that is less than approx 4 years old or a laptop that is less than approx 2 years old.

1. Before you can use NewsMap Plus

To use NewsMap Plus you need to have a subscription to the RBA Web News Service.

Don't have an RBA Web News subscription?   Get a FREE TRIAL here

RBA PAGER subscribers please remember that RBA Web News Service is included with your pager subscription. Be sure to ask if you need help.

You’ll need to download Google's 3D mapping software Google Earth version 3.0 (not the latest version which is 4)

N.B. To run Google Earth you need a fairly new computer: a PC less than 4 years old or a laptop less than 2 years old, with (preferably) a Broadband connection. The alternatives, NewsMap and NewsMap Lite are both less demanding and will run on almost any computer with or without broadband.

2. Download Google Earth

Get the program: The Google Earth programme is available as a completely free download from Google. It is relatively small in size (11mb), and Google Earth offer all the help and instructions that you may need. Get Google Earth here.
Install it: After downloading you must then install the software on your computer. Simply double-click the file you just downloaded. You can choose "yes" for all defaults offered.

3. Start using NewsMap Plus!

You are now ready to start using RBA NewsMap Plus.

Login to RBA and you will see a link to your RBA NewsMap Plus homepage to setup your RBA NewsFeed


Register for a free trial if you are not an RBA Web News subscriber and then follow the link to your RBA NewsMap Plus homepage to setup your RBA NewsFeed.

Essential Tips

When using NewsMap Plus for the first time, we suggest you.

  1. Start by loading the default NewsFeed “All species in All regions for Today”.
  2. When closing – be sure to not save “Temporary Places” – just say “no” when prompted. Otherwise you will save a Newsfeed which will cause problems next time you start NewsMap Plus.
  3. Read “NewsFeeds – how to delete” in Help and FAQ’s.

Computer Requirements

NewsMap requires a modern computer. If yours is less than 4 years old (or 2 years for a Laptop) then it should be fine. It works far better with a broadband connection, but it will work on dial-up connections too. If in doubt – try it and see!

Note: for customers who only have a dial-up connection to the internet we have developed NewsMap Lite and NewsMap