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Monday 18th March 2019  
  The highlight of the day was the discovery of a male Blue-winged Teal in Highland at Mellon Charles. Rarities elsewhere comprised a Penduline Tit in Kent at Grove Ferry, a Coues's Arctic Redpoll still in Norfolk, Long-billed Dowitcher in Lincolnshire, Lesser Yellowlegs in Dorset, Lesser Scaup in Somerset, Richardson's Cackling Goose on the Western Isles and a Black Kite flew over Hook, Hampshire.

Scarcities were Pallas's Warbler (Cornwall), Rough-legged Buzzard (Kent), two Glossy Ibises, three Yellow-browed Warblers, four Great Grey Shrikes, six Ring-billed Gulls, nine Ring-necked Ducks and a total of 13 Shorelarks.

Incoming spring migrants included Garganey (Dorset), House Martin (Pembrokeshire), Wood Sandpiper, three Ospreys, six White Wagtails, nine Little Ringed Plovers, 15 Swallows and 48 Wheatears.
Chris Batty, RBA
Sunday 17th March 2019  

Penduline Tit in Dorset, Long-billed Dowitcher in Lincolnshire, Lesser Scaup in Somerset, Lesser Yellowlegs in Dorset and two Coues's Arctic Redpolls in Norfolk.

There was little change in the supporting cast, with news of two Rough-legged Buzzards, three Glossy Ibises, five Great Grey Shrikes, 19 Shorelarks, three Yellow-browed Warblers, three Surf Scoters, American Wigeon, five Green-winged Teal, four Ring-necked Ducks, two Tundra Bean Geese, 11 Ring-billed GullsKumlien's Gull, seven Iceland Gulls, four Glaucous Gulls, Grey Phalarope, Balearic Shearwater and White-tailed Eagle (Cleveland/North Yorkshire border).

A reasonable arrival of spring migrants involved two Ospreys, 28 Swallows, two House Martins, 70 Wheatears and 24 Little Ringed Plovers.
David Campbell, RBA
Saturday 16th March 2019  
  A new Lesser Scaup was discovered at Blagdon Lake, Somerset, with the long staying bird still nearby at Chew Valley Lake.

Other lingering rarities included the Snowy Owl and White-billed Diver in Shetland, Lesser Yellowlegs in Dorset and Spotted Sandpiper in County Wexford.

Scarcity highlights included a Great Grey Shrike, seven Shorelarks, a Grey Phalarope, a Glossy Ibis, a Rough-legged Buzzard, 12 Tundra Bean Geese, an American Wigeon, two Surf Scoters, four Green-winged Teal, six Ring-necked Ducks, a Yellow-browed Warbler, a Kumlien's Gull, four Iceland Gulls and six Glaucous Gulls.
Will Soar, RBA
Friday 15th March 2019  

Killybegs, Co.Donegal, drew in a first-winter Bonaparte's Gull. A Coues's Arctic Redpoll found in a garden in Cockley Cley, Norfolk, meant two were in the county today, with the popular bird still showing at Sculthorpe Moor NR. Other long-stayers included Penduline Tit in Greater London and Lesser Yellowlegs in Cornwall and Dorset.

Scarcities were represented by a Grey Phalarope (Conwy), two Yellow-browed Warblers (both Gloucestershire), three Great Grey Shrikes, four Shorelarks, a Rough-legged Buzzard (Scilly), nine Glossy Ibises, four Tundra Bean Geese, a Todd's Canada Goose, an American Wigeon, four Green-winged Teal, three Ring-necked Ducks, a Ring-billed Gull, a Kumlien's Gull, 12 Iceland Gulls and six Glaucous Gulls.

Spring arrivals remained on a low ebb, but there was news of two Ospreys, 15 Wheatears, nine Swallows, four House Martins and five White Wagtails.
David Campbell, RBA
Thursday 14th March 2019  
  Rarities located today were Snowy Owls on the Shetland Isles again at Ronas Hill, Mainland, and still on the Orkney Isles on Eday, the Penduline Tit still in Dorset, Coues's Arctic Redpoll in Norfolk, Lesser Yellowlegs in Dorset and Lesser Scaup in Somerset.

Scarcities comprised American Wigeon (Highland), Temminck's Stint (Cornwall), Yellow-browed Warbler (Gloucestershire), two each of Ring-necked Duck and Great Grey Shrike, five Ring-billed Gulls, 11 Shorelarks, four Green-winged Teal, and a total of 12 Glossy Ibises. Incoming spring migrants included Osprey (Leicestershire), Arctic Skua (Dorset), two Swallows, five each of Little Ringed Plover and White Wagtail, six House Martins and nine Wheatears.
Chris Batty, RBA
Wednesday 13th March 2019  
  Rarities today comprised the Snowy Owl still on the Orkney Isles, Penduline Tits in both Dorset and London, Long-billed Dowitcher in Lincolnshire, Lesser Yellowlegs in Cornwall, Coues's Arctic Redpoll in Norfolk and a Lesser Scaup again in Somerset at Chew Valley Lake.

Scarcities included White-tailed Eagle (Yorkshire), Little Bunting (Norfolk), Yellow-browed Warbler (Dorset), Surf Scoter (Lothian), two each of Ring-billed Gull, Ring-necked Duck, Great Grey Shrike, and three Glossy Ibises.

Incoming spring migrants were represented by Osprey, two Little Ringed Plovers, five White Wagtails, six Swallows, nine House Martins and a total of 26 Wheatears.
Chris Batty, RBA
Tuesday 12th March 2019  
  Rarities today were the Snowy Owl still on the Orkney Isles on Eday, and in Dorset the Lesser Yellowlegs remains at Lodmoor.

Scarcities included White-tailed Eagle (South Yorkshire), Surf Scoter (County Meath), Glossy Ibis (Cornwall), two each of both Yellow-browed Warbler and Green-winged Teal, three of Ring-billed Gull and Ring-necked Duck and 11 Shorelarks.

Incoming spring migrants were Osprey, two House Martins, three each of both Little Ringed Plover and White Wagtail, and 11 Wheatears.
Chris Batty, RBA
Monday 11th March 2019  
  Rarities today comprised the Penduline Tit still in London, Coues's Arctic Redpoll in Norfolk and Lesser Yellowlegs in Dorset.

Scarcities included White-tailed Eagle (Nottinghamshire), Ring-billed Gull (Hampshire), two each of Yellow-browed Warbler, American Wigeon, Ring-necked Duck and Surf Scoter, four Great Grey Shrikes, five Glossy Ibises and 10 Shorelarks.

Incoming migrants were represented by Little Ringed Plover (South Yorkshire), three Swallows, five Wheatears and a total of seven House Martins.
Chris Batty, RBA
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