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The Service
Be alerted to all the latest news wherever you are with our SMS service. Its incredibly flexible to suit a great variety of uses. Whether you want news for just a short period perhaps the weekend or a short break, or you want to ensure that you hear about every tick for your life or county or patch list, then be sure try it out for free today. Setup one or more filters (up to five) to run concurrently if you wish. The service has an excellent fast delivery of messages to all mobile phone systems, most especially Vodafone. If your phone is out of range or switched off, any messages are normally delivered within a few minutes of getting back in range. In order to ensure the most reliable SMS service, FirstAlert is slightly more expensive than standard text messages but its worth it!
Text Messages


  • Direct to your mobile phone
  • Guaranteed delivery
  • Essential for when pagers are occasionally
    out of range
  • Choose exactly which messages you want to receive
  • Ideal for holiday use or weekend breaks
  • Cost effective - pay per message
  • Only get a message once, even if the news matches more than one of your filters
Easy to use
  • Use with any mobile phone
  • Set up filters in 3 easy steps
  • Set up in advance for future trips
Unique to RBA


Listing Feature:  for news only about the birds you need!
  • A fantastic feature available only on First Alert
  • Manage your Life, County and Patch lists online
  • Have a text message sent to your phone as soon as news breaks on birds you don't have on your list

Choose What
Instead of using the listing facility you can choose from preset options which make it even easier to set up

Choose from locally interesting news, right up to UK wide rarites and megas

Choose When
Specify exactly when you would like to receive news, on a filter by filter basis. Choose an exact time period in advance, and set it up for news only at the weekend or whilst you are on holiday.

Choose Where
Elect to receive news for the entire UK, Ireland, a selection of counties, a single county or even specify an exact radius from a grid reference. You can set each filter up differently.


Ideal in combination with a pager
For someone who birds throughout the year, the pager is still absolutely the most economical and best way to be sure of being alerted to all the birds that may interest you. Not least of all because it is very hard to predetermine what will be of interest and when. How can you set up a filter to account for the following? .. a Hoopoe 35 miles away just before dusk on a Sunday afternoon no good! but if you received the news just a bit earlier, early afternoon perhaps, you may have been tempted to go? Likewise the Red-backed Shrike at the end of the next road, or a Snow Bunting just off route on your way back from that trip to visit the relatives.. use the pager to ensure you always have all the latest news available to alert you - instantly it breaks, and have the SMS for occasional use or to ensure that you don't miss the breaking news on a tick. Note: our pager customers who have full national news service are now getting the SMS service included for free*
Not yet registered to use the RBA website?  Register here and get your SMS FREE TRIAL now

Registered users - login and access the SMS FREE TRIAL from your RBA home page now