About Rare Bird Alert

Established in 1991 and based in Norwich, Rare Bird Alert is the longest running instant bird news service. Experienced birders man the RBA office 15 hours a day,
7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Since 1991 Rare Bird Alert has run the premier bird information service for birders throughout Britain. We pride ourselves on providing reliable, comprehensive and up to the minute bird news.

We offer a whole host of different birdnews service to suit all kinds of birders from avid twitchers to those who just like to bird locally.  With instant news in the field via pagers and mobile phones and online services via our website we offer the most comprehensive solutions to your birdnews needs.

The figures speak for themselves, we are first with the news
93% of the time compared to our paging competitors, and
80% of the time compared to our online competitors

We are committed to constantly upgrading and developing our services to make the most of new advances in technology which should ensure we continue to provide Britain's premier bird news service.

You can contact using the following details
17 Keswick Close
Admin Enquiries:  01603 457016
Newsdesk:  01603 456789
Birdnews Hotline:  0207 038 2820
Birdnews Text:  07520 634324
General enquiries:  admin@rarebirdalert.co.uk
Web support:  support@rarebirdalert.co.uk
Rare bird photos:  gallery@rarebirdalert.co.uk