Introducing BirdAlertPRO for iPhone and Android
With over 20 years experience running Britain’s top birdnews service we listened to requests from many birders and developed a groundbreaking app, BirdAlertPRO. It equally suits recreational or full time birders, local birders, occasional twitchers, and the keenest of all too.

With BirdAlertPRO you will have access to all the latest birdnews from RBA, wherever your phone works.  Read the news at your leisure, or be instantly alerted to all the bird sightings that are most important to you. It is packed full of lots of additional great features too.

Our news team is comprised of some of the UK’s most respected birders, with over 100 years of birding between them. Our reputation for quality, efficient news is second to none.

How to get the app
Getting up and running on BirdAlertPro just takes three quick and easy steps.
Already registered for RBA - you can skip step 2
  • Step 1 - New users - create an RBA account and get a free trial.
                   Existing RBA users - Enable App access on your account.

  • Step 2 - New users - activate your RBA account.
                   Existing RBA users - skip step 2

  • Step 3 - Apple users download BirdAlertPRO from the App Store - Android users download BirdAlertPRO from the Play Store

Features of BirdAlertPRO


Choose the news that's most important to you and get sent alerts as soon as that news breaks.

* Get your alerts anywhere your phone works. 
* Away for the weekend? Make the most of your trip and get the news for your trip using the clever 'find me' tool.  
* At home or the office? Get alerts for just your local news.
* County or life list? Get an alert when a new bird turns up.

If your phone is in service - you can be alerted!


Browse the birdnews
BirdAlertPRO makes looking at the latest news easier than ever. Use the Quick Searches for easy access to the latest birdnews. Use the Advanced Search to look up news for a particular species, specific place, or time, or combine all three. Plus, it's not just for current news, you get full access to over 10 years of Rare Bird Alert news reports. Each report contains detailed information about the bird along with useful directions and other species seen at the same site. View the news in report form, or, as preferred by many, in map view.


See all the birdnews on interactive maps, pinch the maps to zoom into a site. Flip between road and satellite views. For example, check out where all the Yellow-browed Warblers are being found. See the distribution of Waxwing sightings. See what birds are being reported in your area. Don't know how to get to a bird? No problem your phone can find your current location and give you real time directions to the site. Easily see what is being seen “nearby” or “en-route”. The possibilities are endless. 


Brilliantly bright photos
Use your phone's high resolution screen to view up-to-the-minute photos from our extensive gallery. Photos uploaded by users include details of where and when the image was taken. You can pinch and zoom on images and view them in both portrait and landscape modes. 


App features and subscription costs

  Full Alerts Lite  
Push notifications

Birdnews reports
with full sighting details
Submit sightings  
RBA Online   add-on £10  
Free trial £0.00 £0.00 £0.00  
1 day £1.50 £1.25 £0.50  
3 days £4.00 £3.00 £1.25  
7 days £7.00 £5.50 £2.50  
1 month £19.00 £15.00 £7.50  
1 year £159.00 £119.00 £50.00  
Already an RBA pager customer? In addition to being entitled to a free subscription to RBA online, you now get an App Lite subscription included with your existing pager subscription too. Simply download the app, use your RBA Online registered login details and contact us for your free access. If you have not yet registered your email address on the RBA website, why not register now and start getting the additional benefits.
How to get the app
Getting up and running on BirdAlertPro just takes three quick and easy steps.